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New offers

číslo : 13
pozícia : inštalatér - voda, kúrenie, plyn
miesto práce : Lyon
dátum nástupu : 15.2.2008

číslo : 12
pozícia : zámočník
miesto práce : Lyon
dátum nástupu : 15.2.2008

číslo : 11
pozícia : tesár (syst. debnenie)
miesto práce : Grenoble
dátum nástupu : ihneď


We are offering the following free jobs related to production and industry:

  • Production Line Operator
  • Warehouse Keeper
  • High Lift Operator
  • Casting Operator
  • Various construction works
  • Welder
  • … etc.

As to management, we are currently offering free jobs especially within the mid-to junior management.

Our agency DOES NOT CHARGE any fee for employment mediation. Cooperation offered between employees and us is backed up by the Work Agreement. With client’s requ­irements in mind, we are making selections especially from experts in the given field in order to have a majority of positions occupied.

In case you would like to get more information about free jobs and other conditions offered by our Company, please, feel free to contact us via e-mail or by phone. Eventually, you can fill in an unbinding Application right on our web site and we will contact you upon it.

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